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I'd insert to Martin's listing of materials for rafter vent channnels, fiberboard sheathing. I take advantage of I joists for vented cathedral ceilings and staple 1/2" fiberboard to the bottom of the best cord in the I joists. It can be ripped over a table noticed and installs speedily, fiberboard does Have got a large perm ranking and may allow for tiny quantities of dampness to pass through in the vent Area.

Like most mansard roofs, your roof is unvented. Your mansard roof has various sections -- the steep sections in the perimeter, as well as the reduced-slope section in the center. These sections have to be insulated in a similar way, because these roof assemblies are unvented.

Your caveat is appropriate and conservative. With the vast majority of builders, nonetheless, the code needs will retain roofs free of difficulties.

This roof assembly seems pretty cathedral but if i realize the right way its not vented in any respect, but has generous higher than sheathing foam. Is that this viewed as a vapour safe assembly thinking about this information claims "Install rigid foam insulation above the roof sheathing and air-permeable insulation in between the rafters.

Finally, I kow the recessed lights is horrible, but what can I do if it is presently installed? With among the lights I modified it about to some pendant light-weight which lowered the heat close to the roof even so the air barrier remains to be a situation.

I've crafted dense-packed unventilated roof assemblies numerous moments devoid of issue. Needless to say I have never torn into them both. I want to see far more samples of failures in These types of assemblies whenever they're on the market.

This article was Very handy, Thank you! I've 1 query about developing a vented assembly by generating an airtght process with accuvents.

A. There exists a code prerequisite for any vapor retarder in a few types of assemblies, but there is no prerequisite for any vapor barrier. Your layer of rigid foam is currently a vapor retarder. No even further vapor retarding layer needs to be set up.

Q. "You say 'You do not need an inside vapor barrier,' but You furthermore mght declare that 'You'll need a good air barrier on both sides of one's fiberglass batts.' The latter would turn out to be an inside vapor barrier not so?"

Martin, Thank you for your personal reply. Those articles or blog posts are equally pretty insightful. I am obtaining the perception that SIPs can be done well, but can be beat in price tag with exterior rigid foam techniques when you've advised, with equal or superior efficiency (with emphasis on air-tightness).

The code limitations on the use of air-permeable insulation concerning rafters ended up created to circumvent the roof sheathing from rotting. When fiberglass batts are installed in unvented rafter bays, the batts allow for moist indoor air to reach the chilly roof sheathing.

Sorry, Martin, I now know that "new construction" would not always imply "new property to get developed", and "an unvented attic, with R-fifty underneath the roof" should have been "an unvented attic, using an R-50 roof'. Simply because It is very clear to me doesn't mean it's crystal clear to Absolutely everyone else.

My sense is always that if we've been concerned about air leakage compromising the insulation's performance, vent channels are problematic.

If you wish to install a mix of shut-mobile spray-foam about the underside in the roof sheathing and air-permeable insulation among your rafters — an Continue technique at times named “flash and batt” — the developing code involves that spray foam (or, arguably, rigid foam insulation) be “applied in direct contact with the underside of your structural roof sheathing” and which the foam insulation meet up with the necessities “specified in Desk R806.

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